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Even though we are able to perform maintenance on any vehicle brand or model we exclude ourselves to Japanese cars only, these are the cars we have a passion for and love. This is certainly noticeable in the way we maintain your vehicle.

We are experienced with:

– Lexus
– Toyota
– Nissan
– Mazda
– Mitsubishi
– Honda
– Subaru
– Suzuki

Aside from Japanese cars, we decided to specialize ourselves even further in the brands Toyota and Lexus.
Lexus & Toyota service is a complex set of processes and procedures that have been defined by the manufacturer to ensure that performance of the vehicle is at its optimal.

It requires a lot of hands on experience to look after a Lexus or Toyota and to make sure that all of its systems are at optimal operation.
Lexus & Toyota demands the most attentive and dedicated service from any technician.
Proper Lexus and Toyota maintenance involve looking after your car from day one and making sure that every item on the list is checked in the process of regular maintenance.

For any maintenance on any car, we offer our Lexus courtesy car, free of charge. Making sure you are able to commute whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
We advise to maintain your vehicle every 15.000km or 12 months, to ensure the reliability of your vehicle and avoiding additional costs.

Having your vehicle maintained at CBS Automotive also ensures the vehicles factory warranty stays intact. Due to using OEM parts, and following factory procedures. For any Japanese brand!