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Vehicle too slow? Looking for something to set it apart from the rest?

CBS Automotive has you covered.

From V8 or twinturbo engine swaps, converting automatic to manual, fitting aftermarket parts to enhance performance to fitting that little spoiler that makes your car look just that little bit better.

We also have most of those parts in stock and ready to go, even the engine.


Popular choices include:

Engine swaps

We can swap any engine, from any brand into any car. An engine swap requires a lot of work en custom built parts. Luckily we are able to make all needed parts in-house, from the custom exhaust to the engine wiring loom.

We pre-plan all our engine swaps, meaning we create a custom wiring diagram and source the required parts and other necessities beforehand, ensuring the least time-consuming and most reliable way of performing an engine swapPopular engine choices are Toyotas 2JZ-GTE twin turbo engine, the Lexus 1uz and 3uz V8, and Nissan’s RB Series engine.

We think with an engine swap reliability is of utmost importance, after all the car will undergo major surgery. Due to careful pre-planning, a carefully created wiring diagram and usage of original connectors and plugs, we can perform a ‘factory like’ installation. Guaranteeing a reliable and fault-free engine swap.

– Headlight projector retrofit 

Headlight projector retrofitAs an official dealer of Retrofitlabs headlight projectors we are allowed and trained to retrofit your headlights.This means we will open your headlights and retrofit a v6.2 Bi-Xenon projector, and then re-seal. This will result in a properly done Xenon upgrade for your vehicle with the added benefit of having bi-Xenon.The light beam will be perfect, and so will your visibility.Its also possible to paint the housings, or polish the glasses in the process.–ALSO for vehicles that have RHD Headlights, they will be swapped with LHD Lenses, making them 100% compatible with European laws and APK.

– Suspension and brakes

Upgrading the suspension, or fitting bigger and better brakes is also no problem.
Good suspension upgrades include improved springs, coilovers, swaybars and strutbars.
As for brakes, it is possible to fit bigger brakes from a different vehicle or mount pre-made sets.We can design and build brackets for your choice of brakes.